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An Entertainment and Performing Arts duo from Brooklyn, NY that's trying to change the world one beat at a time. With their creativity, musical abilities, innovative drumming and mind-blowing tricks, they're able to catch any eye and put a smile on a face. Their performances are suitable for all ages and occasions. It's the love for the craft that fuels BYOS to welcome other artists to collaborate and demonstrate their love for the arts to a larger audience.


Both Ralph and Harvey started their performing careers with the Jackie Robinson Center "Steppers" Marching Band. It was an after school program based in Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY to keep the youth active and away from negative influences. With the marching band having Russell Simmons as their main sponsor, they were very active in the world of entertainment and performed for many celebrities, sport teams and events. As members of Black Fire Percussion, they both worked for the NY Knicks and NJ Nets Drumlines as teenagers, electrifying the crowds and executing exciting drum features during time outs and half time performances.


At the age of 18, Ralph performed and competed with the Concord Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps and won his first championship and drum line title. He accumulated 3 years, 2 gold medals and drum title with the Blue Devils organization. After graduating from Hampton University, he worked for ABC News in VA Beach and was a Snare Technician at Hickory High School in Chesapeake, VA. He then took his talents West to debut Disneyland's Soundsational Parade as a Musician/Performer. He taught master classes, clinics and lessons in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and also performed clinic in Taiwan. He was a drummer for the "Fast is Faster" Nike commercial, and also perform for many local and charity events in Los Angeles.


Harvey the drummer, composer, and choreographer, has been one of the most exciting and creative performers in marching percussion. He attended North Carolina A&T State University and was presented the position as their drum instructor. Working with the Cold Steel Drumline, he's been a part of the 2012 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and was the 2014 Honda Battle of the Bands winner. He also took his talents abroad to Europe, performing for Eurovision and touring multiple tours with German Reggae/Pop Artist Peter Fox. Harvey worked with groups and ensembles which have resulted in participation in over 50 Live performances to date.


Together, Harvey and Ralph toured Europe and South America with the German Reggae/Pop band Seeed. They created BYOS and became YouTube sensations for the Drumming and Performing Arts communities. They're currently Mapex, Pro Mark, Evans Drumheads, and D'Addario Artists and are very active at percussive events, such as PASIC, NAMM, Guitar Center's Drum Off and WGI Finals. They performed in Dubai for a Toyota Yaris release event, performed and also taught a master class alongside John Wooton, Jeff Queen, and Jeff Prosperie at PASIC, and performed with Tony Royster Jr. at Guitar Center's Drum Off.


BYOS continues to amaze and influence others in and out of the drumming community. Their hard work and dedication has taken them to places never imagined, and connected them to people all over the world.







Patrice Wilson Administrative Assistant

Co-Owner of BYOS,llc. Black Fire Percussion '97-'06.  Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps '07,'08, &' 10. He is currently a performer at Disneyland, as well as, travels in Europe and South America with the band SEEED. Originally from Brooklyn, NY and now lives in California.

Co-Owner of BYOS,llc. Cold Steel Drumline '06 & '07. He is currently the Percussion director at North Carolina A&T, as well as, travels in Europe and South America with the band SEEED. Originally from Brooklyn, NY and now lives in North Carolina.

Administrative Assistant. Recently graduated from CSU Dominguez Hills with her BA in Sociology. Soldier in the U.S. Army Reserves. She has enjoyed taking on the task of helping BYOS progress with her exceptional administrative background. BYOS enthusiasm inspires her to reach for her goals. Lives in California.